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Junior Developer

По договорённости
25.01 11:09   Общие
We believe that every human is born with great potential and we aspire to unleash it!

Korto provides summaries of key ideas from books in easily accessible ways and for free so that everyone around the world can benefit. We inspire people!

Korto has recently been founded by a successful German software entrepreneur. We are a growing global team of ambitious professionals, collaborating remotely across national and cultural boundaries to create excellent learning offers for both developed and developing countries.

Job description

You work with other team members in a team to create the backend or frontend of our software platform, depending on your area of expertise. There is a number of areas we work on, including creating a database of book titles, web crawlers/scrapers to find the most interesting bestsellers and to support marketing, a workflow management system for handling the work our summary authors and translators do, integrating AI and other tools for enhancing the writing and audio production processes, and of course the apps for end users.

We believe in ongoing professional development. We will ask you to complete online professional development courses which we select together and we will find an experienced coach for you, either internally or externally. We all work remotely as a team of Freelancers, so you will need to have or find a calm office space for yourself and be prepared to do meetings online.

Your profile:

Passion for contributing to equal opportunities for all people around the world
Clearly demonstrated competence in software programming, e.g. by IT-related university studies, authorship of excellent programs, or the like.
Excellent proficiency of written English, or willingness to reach that level fast.
Ambitious, intelligent, analytical
Responsible in completing tasks
Structured approach to work
What we offer:

full-time or part-time remote work
flexible - you choose when and where you work
long-term collaboration and reliable, fixed salary
a culture of mutual respect and personal growth
constant learning and opportunities for your creative initiatives
Write Alena at email with 1) your CV and 2) a copy of the grade sheet of your highest university or school diploma as well as 3) any material showing your skills as a developer and 4) an indication of how many hours you’d like to work per month and the monthly wage you’d like to earn for that.

Korto Alena
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